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On behalf of FIRST TRAVEL I have the great honor to welcome you on your travels to the countries of the Mekong. The mighty Mekong River, starting from the Himalayas, and flowing down through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and eventually ending in Vietnam, has been the life blood for civilizations since more than 5,000 years before the birth of Christ. The natural fertility that it has brought to this region has been the basis for the evolution of some of the most magnificent cultures in the world.
Be it Cambodia: "The land of Angkor", Myanmar: "The Golden Land", Laos: "The Kingdom of the Million Elephants", Thailand: "The land of Smiles"; Vietnam: "The land of Mountains and River Deltas", in every country touched by the Mekong River, you will be able to see and enjoy the great cultures, the food and the beautiful scenery. The diversity that you can see here is found no-where else in the world.
The Mekong countries are now a region of peace and stability. It is safe to travel here because it is not touched by the conflicts or crime that plagues other parts of our world. People from any country in the world, from any religion and ethnic background are welcomed with the same hospitality and friendliness that is the trademark of the Mekong people. To travel and relax here with peace of mind, will truly make your holiday the most enjoyable and memorable.
Travel in the Mekong countries is easy now. All countries have good roads and means of transport, more air links, more border crossings for international travel, and easy visa application. Therefore we can design your trip that fits your specific interest, your budget and your time schedule. Bothe for shourt holidays or long holidays, you can now make any imaginable combination or country and region.
Most attractions can be found at a relatively short distance e form each other. This gives travelers the opportunity combine various highlights in 1 trip, such as leisure at some of the word's fines beaches, visit one of the greatest Archeological Sites: Angkor Wat, visit the UNESCO's World Heritage sites in Laos and Vietnam, experience Myanmars colorful ethnic minority groups, and do some serous shopping tin Thailand.
And for those who like to have and active holiday, all this can be combined with adventure, trekking, home stay, mountain biking, sea kayaking, diving, rafting etc. etc.
As a leading tour operator, FIRST TRAVEL, guarantees you that you will not be disappointed. We have a proven track record of top-quality services, with reliability and care, to the full satisfaction of our clients. We have built long term cooperation with many travel agents all over the world. You can rely on us, and rest assured that your valued customers are in good hands.
This brochure presents a selection of the most popular tore programmers that we have on offer. However, this brochure is not exhaustive.
Let your imagination play with you and we will be able to provide the tailor-made trips that will fit exactly the wishes of yourself or your clients.
Besides this we are also more that willing to work with you to develop tour itineraries and process that will be the most attractive for your specific market.
We are looking forward to be at your services!
Khun Tui Pakarat-Rutten

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